Osaka Japan travel - The Most Beautiful Park in Osaka Japan

Osaka Japan travel - The Most Beautiful Park in Osaka Japan

Osaka Japan is one of the most popular destinations besides Tokyo. You can visit various tourist destinations, from cultural tours, shopping tours, to modern entertainment venues in the Kansai region.

Tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan are quite complete with cultural and modern destinations. So, you will get a complete experience with traditional nuances, and still be able to enjoy a variety of amazing modern tours.

Most Beautiful Park in Osaka Japan

The second largest city in Japan is not only decorated with magnificent skyscrapers, but also beautiful parks.

Every year in March, tourists will flock to Osaka to witness the blooming cherry blossoms. Of the many parks in Osaka,

1. Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Japan travel - The Most Beautiful Park in Osaka Japan

In a way, this is the most famous park in Osaka. This is because of its history and cultural elements. According to The Culture Trip, the park's biggest attraction is the castle (which is now turned into a museum).

In the garden courtyard, there are hundreds of cherry trees. Every spring, Osaka Castle Park turns into a carpet of white and pink rugs.

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2. Park Minoo

Osaka Japan travel - The Most Beautiful Park in Osaka Japan

The best spot to view autumn leaves is at Minoo Park. When the time comes, the leaves that were originally green will turn bright red or orange.

Minoo Park is located just 30 minutes from Osaka. Apart from seeing the fallen leaves, you can enjoy the coolness of the waterfall, take pictures on the bridge, stop at the shrine, or buy something from the shop.

Depart from Umeda in central Osaka, then take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Hankyu Umeda Station to Ishibashi Station. Then, transfer to the Hankyu Minoo line to Minoo Station.

3. Kema Sakuranomiya Park

Apart from Osaka Castle Park, you can also see cherry blossoms at Kema Sakuranomiya Park. Inside, there are nearly 5,000 cherry trees that will bloom in the spring.

What makes it different is that this park is located on the bank of a river, so we can see boats passing by. Other activities that can be done here are walking around the park or jogging, the Osaka Info page gives advice.

Launching from Inside Osaka, this park is open 24 hours and is free of charge if you want to enter. Prepare your energy, because this park is about 32.3 hectares!

4. Nagai Park

Osaka Japan travel - The Most Beautiful Park in Osaka Japan

This 65.7 hectare park has lots of flowers, plants, and trails for running and cycling. It is very close to the Nagai Botanical Garden.

Launching from Osaka Info, this park has two athletic stadiums, a swimming pool, a soccer field, a tennis court, and a sports center for people with disabilities. The collection of plants is quite large, around 1,000 species of flowers and trees.

The best time to visit Nagai Park is in the morning or evening. The park is almost always open and free to visit.

5. Tennoji Park

Osaka Japan travel - The Most Beautiful Park in Osaka Japan

And the last one is Tennoji Park. Quoting from The Culture Trip, this is one of the largest parks in Osaka. Inside is a small lake, several ponds, and lush vegetation.

Tenshiba is the area of ​​the park closest to Tennoji Station. Consisting of large grass fields, this area is often used as a picnic spot with friends or family. If you don't bring lunch, buy it from the nearest shop, cafe, or restaurant.

There is also a children's playground and futsal court at Tennoji Park. Launching from the Osaka Station Guide, this park area is completely free.

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So, those are the five most beautiful gardens in Osaka, Japan that you must visit while on vacation in Japan.

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