What is IMEI and Why Does It Matter? Find the Answer Here

Description: Your phone comes with a unique 15 digits serial number called IMEI. What is IMEI? In short, this is the social security code for the hardware of your handset.


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As a device that supports our modern life, each phone is different from each other as it is equipped with a unique number called IMEI. Wait, what is IMEI and why it has to be that important to know about. Surely, there’s more to it rather than an extended serial code printed here and there.

While it can be exhaustive to discuss it in a technical aspect, in this article, you will learn briefly about IMEI in a nutshell. Figure out what is IMEI number used for and how to discover your IMEI. Don’t skip this article, as this information is critical for every mobile phone user or literally for everyone. 

Understanding IMEI

In short, it stands for the International Mobile Equipment Identity and shows a valid device on a mobile network. Aside from making it easier to differentiate a handset to another, IMEI does work as a security number for your phone. However, note that it works on GSM phone only as the CDMA model has its own named MEID.

IMEI number meaning is unique to each own, and there’s nothing you can do to change your IMEI. An attempt to it may also be considered as violating regulations. It also has nothing to do with your SIM Card, as you can freely changing your SIM, but your IMEI will remain the same as long as you use the same phone.

A standard IMEI comes in 15 digits. The two first number refers to the reporting body identifier, then followed by 6 numbers of the remainder type allocation code. The next 6 numbers are the number series of the model, while the last digit is the Luhn check of the model.

Another variant of IMEI is the 16 digits, one that is called IMEISV. What is IMEISV? It is a code used to check the software version rather than the hardware one.

The Importance of IMEI

Other than revealing information that relates to the specification of your phone, IMEI number tracking your handset if it’s lost or stolen. If you make a report to your provider, they may block your device instantly. Therefore, the thief won’t be able to make a call or access data even when the SIM is replaced with the new one.

It can be useful as well if you’re buying a secondhand device. By checking the IMEI, you will know the story behind it. Who knows that it was once stolen, blacklisted, or even a subject to an insurance claim. You can do an IMEI number check on the official website of IMEI.

How to Know Your IMEI

To get your IMEI, you can dial *#60#, and the number will appear on your screen. If your phone is a dual SIM, you will get two IMEIs. If you’re an Android user, you can also find it by tapping Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI information. For an iPhone user, tap on Settings > General > About. 

Some handset like iPhone 6s and above have it printed on the SIM card tray. If you’re still keeping the packaging box, then you can find the IMEI printed there too. 

Hopefully, this article helps you to understand what is IMEI and why it matters. Don’t forget to record the unique number, and please just keep it to yourself!

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