Momofuku Ando, the father of world noodles

Everyone who likes "Instant Noodle" should properly thank Momofuku Ando. Japanese grandfather who was born in Taiwan in 1911, was the first human to find a way to make instant noodles.

From the results of his hard work and efforts, everyone can now enjoy the delicacy of instant noodles with a choice of diverse flavors. Fast food, which has many fans, entered Indonesia in the mid-1960s.

Left by his parents, Ando (his nickname) who was only 3 years old, had to help his grandmother take care of the house. The runny toddler has to look after the shop, not to mention washing clothes and cooking. The results were positive, he became good at cooking, on the contrary his school was abandoned.

The profession as a trader is his dream. Parents' inheritance was also used to trade knitwear in Taiwan and Osaka, Japan. The business is fairly advanced. He can also return to school to finish the education that was abandoned.

However, on his way, he was accused of corruption in the arms trade and aircraft parts. He was then thrown in jail. After 2 years living in the Prodeo Hotel, he was released. In 1956, the only property left was the house.

Creative idea
At that time the United States was incessantly donating wheat to Japan which was in a food shortage. The price of flour becomes cheap. The Japanese government also encourages its people to consume bread and flour instead of rice.

Seeing many people eating noodles, near the hankyu convenience store, Osaka, Ando's mind was open. He thought, why not make noodles from flour? Don't the Japanese really like noodles? Moreover, the noodles are delicious, inexpensive, durable, and not difficult to process.

That wild idea kept rolling in his mind. Only he did not want to make ordinary noodles that have been widely circulated in the market. He wants to make noodles in other forms that are delicious, faster, easier to process, and easy to get everywhere.

Slowly but surely, Ando began to realize his dream, by buying a noodle making machine, and experimenting making instant noodles in the patio of his backyard. At first the noodles are fried to make them more durable, tasty, and quickly processed.

Then we consider the right flavor for the concoction of noodles, the choice of chicken soup, because it is neutral. Ando brought the sample of his instant noodles to a convenience store. Apparently, everything was sold out that day without remaining. The incident occurred in 1958.

The patio of the house was unable to accommodate the order. He moved his business to an empty warehouse in Osaka. There Ando made instant noodles with the help of his family. Since then, big companies have been scrambling to become distributors of instant noodles.

In December 1958, Ando named his company "Nissin Foods". A few months later he moved to a factory covering an area of ​​20,000 m² (20 Ha). In 1960, he opened a second factory, and the following year a new factory was born.

His efforts through instant noodles are growing. Although instant noodles are selling well, he does not tire of experimenting to continue to improve his quality. In fact, there is a desire to introduce and sell it overseas.

To explore this possibility, he went around Europe and America in 1966. There he saw people eating noodles with a fork, without sauce, and using plates, because sipping noodles was considered rude.

Then he also observed that there was broth that could be dissolved in hot water, without having to be cooked. There are disposable paper cups, and also aluminum paper as an airtight container.

Ando was inspired again to make instant noodles in a stereo foam container, which was then tightly covered with aluminum foil. Glass noodles do not need to be cooked, just brewed. In order not to be shaken, the noodles are made thicker, a fork is also provided to eat them.

At the peak of its success, Ando, ​​who in 1988 turned 77, opened Foodeum in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The building is also called "ISTANA MIE", because it has several noodle restaurants, a disco place, and a noodle museum.

There are always creative ideas in creating something. Depending on how observant can see and make it come true. With intention, will, hard work, hard work and patience. Anyone can, of course, without exception.

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