Event marketing strategi pariwisata banyuwangi

One effective way to market tourist sites is to invite customers and potential customers in events as the Banyuwangi district government does.

The tourism event organized by the Banyuwangi district government has an impact and gives a deep impression to everyone present. Because it is intended that tourists and potential tourists can be long enough to remember the pleasant experience.

There are several reasons why tourism events are considered effective for managers of tourist sites to market tourist attractions.

Many managers of tourist sites reveal that event marketing is considered effective to increase awareness. Event marketing is also effective to improve product image & increase the number of tourists visiting, communicating with the target market, adding to the number of new tourists.

Banyuwangi Regency Government favor marketing event because in my opinion the tourism event can arouse the emotions of the target audience. And gives a deeper impression to Banyuwangi tourism so as to create brand loyalty.

What factors helped determine the success of Banyuwangi Tourism Event?

The concept of the event tourism event becomes very crucial, because without the concept the company cannot achieve the goals to be achieved. Banyuwangi tourism event attracts the uniqueness of the Osing tribe culture, which is the original Banyuwangi tribe who live at the foot of Mount Ijen

The theme chosen by Banyuwangi regency also pays attention to issues that are developing in Indonesia and the world, Banyuwangi regency raises ecowista themes that prioritize the beauty and uniqueness of nature and culture which incidentally is the excellence of Banyuwangi tourism.

Marketing communication both online and offline became the second important factor after the concept of the event. With good marketing communication, information about the existence of an event can get to the intended target. Thus, Banyuwangi tourism event can be attended by the right audience.

Besides the ability of human resources both Banyuwangi regency apparatus and Banyuwangi community, good relations with Event Organzer (EO), and the amount of the budget also determine the success of a Banyuwangi tourism event.

The use of EO appears as an option for Banyuwangi district government when organizing a tourism event. This is done so that the implementation process can be better organized professionally and in accordance with what Banyuwangi district government wants.

Banyuwangi Regency Government is smart enough to choose and assess the reputation of an EO because the tourism event that will be held carries the name Banyuwangi. Besides that, pitching and briefing are also done to adjust the concept with the objectives to be achieved.

Other factors such as the size of the budget, team readiness and coordination are also highly considered by Banyuwangi district government in the implementation of tourism events

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