Social Media based learning

 Social media based learning is a learning process using Social Media platform facilities or referred to as Social Learning Tools namely al. : Social Book Marking, Blogging, RSS / Feed Reader, Microblogging tools (Twitter, Tweet Deck etc.), e-mail, Instant Messaging (Skype), Mind Mapping Tools, Presentation (Sharing) Tools, Wiki, Podcasts, Content Management System ( CMS), Social Networking Tools (Facebook, Linkedin, Ning, etc.), Social Networking Analysis (SNA).
The shape can be as follows:
1. Create a Class Facebook Group: class close user group for learning media
2. Start Topical Twitter Feed: discussing material or discussing case solutions on Twitter
3. Require Students to Blog: write the results of learning on the blog
4. Post Student Videos to YouTube: if there is a process or results that can be videotaped, then it can be uploaded on YouTube
5. Student Work Showcase on Instagram: documentation in the form of photos during the learning process or part of the material deliverables can also be published on Istagram.

     To make learning through social media more private, you can use the Enterprise Social Networking platform, where this platform can only be accessed by specially logged in employees, but the interaction patterns will resemble social media platforms in general.

    How to evaluate the success of this social media based learning program, how to do this is by measuring the following matters

How to do
1. Create a Class Facebook Group
2. Start a Topical Twitter Feed
3. Require Students to Blog
4. Post Student Videos to YouTube
5. Showcase Student Work on Instagram

1. Number of participants who downloaded the material, view material, length of visit
2. The degree of completion of the material from participants
3. Speed of material completion
4. Graduation rates and grades
5. User experience of participants during learning through social media

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