Gamification based learning

I still remember how it felt when the internet was just happening, the training patterns at the company increased its media through e-learning, e learning which originally only moved the hardcopy module to online so that it could be accessed via the developing internet coupled with audio and video graphics in flash and other formats. all the improvements are to increase participants' understanding of the material.

  Gamification based learning is the use of game techniques, thinking games and mechanical games to increase understanding of learning material.

   Gamification based learning works by making technology more attractive, by encouraging users to engage in desired behavior, by showing the way to complete the game, by helping to solve problems and not become distractions, and by taking advantage of humans' psychological tendencies to engage in game or game.

     This technique can encourage people to do work or e-learning / classical learning that is usually boring, such as completing posts and pre-tests, shopping, filling out tax forms, or reading websites, into a fun, challenging and entertaining activity.

        The main focus of gamification is to motivate students to complete learning content and to involve them in the learning process through the process of reward and recognition. The most common form of reward and recognition in the type of points, badges, medals and levels of completion or proficiency.

      This type of gamification also usually has a leaderboard and a method of measuring participant learning progress. As well as the social component where students can share achievements with other students and share what they have achieved.

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