Content Marketing strategy : Pariwisata Banyuwangi


Banyuwangi Regency Government has a unique and very up-to-date way of marketing its tourist objects, capitalizing on the diamond triangle of Banyuwangi flagship tourism and the cool tagline "The Sunrise of Java" Banyuwangi Regency Regency uses digital touchpoint media in the form of websites, social media and mobile apps for marketing and caring to tourists. .

   The content of the touchpoint digital media is also diverse, all of which aim to generate high visitor interest for tourists to visit Banyuwangi.

   Good written content, images and videos also appear to be aligned with the AIDA process from tourists, because tourists currently tend to use or utilize digital touchpoint media to plan and conduct tours.

   In the sales funnel, it can also be seen that the Banyuwangi district government utilizes touchpoint digital media optimally, starting from raising awareness to attract tourists visiting the Banyuwangi regency digital touchpoint media, both by using buzzers and communities to share content. Then change the first visit into an opportunity or interest to visit Banyuwangi by providing informative content about attractions, accommodation and other related information. This will help the first visitor to visit the digital touchpoint media of Banyuwangi local government to dig deeper into the information needed and even share interesting content. to colleagues.

    Even after they finish visiting or during their visit, they will share their travel stories with colleagues or netizens and other wetizens.

     This strategy has proven effective in supporting an increase in the number of tourists to Banyuwangi. Slamet Karyono, Regional Secretary of Banyuwangi said, in the past five years, tourist arrivals in the archipelago surged 161 percent. From the previous 651,500 people in 2010, there were 1,701,230 people in 2015. (

   For foreign tourists increased 210 percent from the range of 13,200 people in 2010, to 41,000 at the end of 2015. Business and tourism stretching, continued Slamet, was also demonstrated through a surge in passenger numbers at Blimbingsari Airport in Banyuwangi. Which initially only amounted to 7826 passengers in 2011, increased dramatically in 2015, reaching 110,234 passengers. (Http://

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