Banyuwangi tourism service triangle

Banyuwangi as "the sunrise of java" has a superior tourism object compared to the name "diamond triangle consisting of Mount Ijen, Sukamade Beach and Plengkung Beach. These tourism objects have extraordinary natural beauty and are visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.

   The superiority of Banyuwangi tourism objects has also gained recognition or world-class appreciation for its tourist objects, namely the UN -UNWTO awards defeated other world attractions.

   Talking about diamond triangle / triangle in Banyuwangi, I was reminded of the service triangle concept, where this concept reviews how producers can provide optimal service to their customers by also serving their internal customers, so that internal customers will provide optimal services to external customers.

In the context of Banyuwangi the producer or management is the Banyuwangi regional government, internal customers are Banyuwangi people and their customers are domestic and foreign tourists.

Internal marketing:
1. Vertical communication: Banyuwangi local government implements consistent government communication policies and high commitment, ecotourism policies that focus on cultural and natural tourism continue to be developed by embracing not only local Banyuwangi institutions but even the provinces and the national and community also collaborated. Top-down and bottom-up communication patterns are also carried out, so that people's aspirations can be accommodated.

2. Horizontal communication: with fellow communities and institutions also built equally, the regent of Banyuwangi implements and emphasizes the inter-institutional and inter-community differences. All contribute positively and get rewards.

External marketing:
1. Advertising: local governments are keen to collaborate with national media to promote Banyuwangi
2. Sales promotion: not cooperation through local and national travel agencies, but also through communities such as KOPIWANGI
3. Public relations: A local government figure who is also an accomplished marketer (proven by Banyuwangi regent, Pak Anaz, became the marketer of the year in the 2015 Markplus Conference event), as well as public relations proved to be effective in marketing Banyuwangi tourism

Interactive marketing:
1. Personal selling: not only Banyuwangi government employees who market Banyuwangi tourism, but also Banyuwangi residents are also actively marketing their region. Banyuwangi young people who have overseas and domestic networks are also actively marketing Banyuwangi tourism to their colleagues
2. Customer service: not only provides an offline tourist information center but also online through a web site and Twitter that is always updated and responsive and @banyuwangi_kab
3. Social media: Banyuwangi local government applies a digital customer touchpoint that focuses on optimizing the customer experience, starting from the website, Twitter account, Facebook account and mobile apps, all of which are well integrated.

   The results of working on internal marketing well will bring up a sense of ownership for Banyuwangi residents, as evidenced by the high public interest in supporting Banyuwangi tourism programs and events.

   The result of managing external marketing is a sense of belonging for tourists to Banyuwangi, as evidenced by the increasing number and duration of stay that are quite long from domestic and foreign tourists in Banyuwangi and they also share their experiences at Socmed.

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