De Mata and De Arca (part 1: Positioning)

There is something unique during a vacation to Jogja at the end of 2015 yesterday, our family visited De Mata and De Arca.

Why our family decided to visit the location, because of the results of chatting with several brothers in Jogja and browsing on various travel blogs, without realizing we had embedded an image of de Mata and and De Arca in our minds that is "de Mata and de Arca" intended for domestic tourists or entertainment enthusiasts full of uniqueness (resin sculptures and trick art) that accentuates the typical culture and humor of Jogja's local (actually de Mata is in Jogja, Surabaya, Semarang. If de statue only exists in Jogja), so it is incomplete when playing to jogja without visiting de mata and de statue

How could such an image be embedded in our minds ... is this magic or hypnosis ??? Hahahah not this is not called positioning. What is positioning? Hmm from my understanding that positioning is "implanting an image or product image into the minds of consumers or customers" there are 4 elements of positioning that is the target customer, frame of reference, key benefits and reason to belife all of which are packaged in a positioning statement. However, this positioning statement is only for the internal needs of the managing company, to communicate positioning which is basically a promise of product benefits to customers, then the positioning statement must be changed to "tag line".

Positioning will be the mantra that is then communicated through various marcomm media to consumers or customers. The tagline of de mata is: trick eye museum while de mata: statue art museum. (The tag line is written under the de eye and de statue logo)

This means that De Mata has a positioning or a promise is a trick eye museum, a museum that presents the concept of trick eyes or trick art for its visitors, while de Arca is a statue art museum that presents a museum of resin sculptures for visitors.

Both De Mata and De Arca have simple and straightforward positioning or tag lines, so that customers can easily understand what is presented straightforwardly and simply so that messages can be easily understood and attached or remembered by customers without exaggerating or lowering their true meaning.


1. Positioning is an important first step before winning the market (market share), because the producer must win the customer's mind first (mind share)

2. Winning mind share must be done by making a positioning that can be easily understood and remembered by customers

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