De Mata and De Arca (part 2: Differentiation)

You don't need to go far to Hong Kong or Thailand to visit the wax museum ... in Jogja there is also a museum that presents wax museums of several world figures and film figures ... although none of them has a heart beat like a wax statue in Hong Kong ... but in content the same is entertaining

The period is the same ... no ... there is a difference ... the differentiation or differentiation of De Mata and De Arca can be analyzed in 3 aspects of differentiation

1. Content is what is offered, de mata and de arca offer a frugal package for visitors not only to see the llilin statue but also to enjoy trick art that is not found in world class candle musem though, although in Hong Kong there is a sensation of riding on a hill uphill tram, but that different from those in de eyes

2. Context is a way of offering, de eye and de arc are packed with jogja jokes like spiderman using blankon. The world class wax museum has a serious bingitz packaging ... all statues pose seriously according to their original character

3. Infrastructure is a means and infrastructure that is able to realize these aspects of the pembenda.

4. Means: de arca presents a statue arranged in several zones with bright lighting and a spacious room equipped with comfortable air conditioning. The location of De Arca and De Mata next to each other makes visitors comfortable when transitioning from De Mata to De Arca or vice versa. World-class candle museums tend to be trapped to bring a glamorous atmosphere with dim lighting.

5. Infrastructure: there are large parking locations, jogja souvenir shops and dining places that make visitors more comfortable. Most world-class wax museums are located in iconic venues which tend to lack parking (country policies / restrictions on the use of private vehicles)

The conclusion is:

1. Differentiation nicely packaged can make a product appear not only different but has its own advantages both in terms of price and quality

2. Local products should never be afraid to bring up local tastes because in the era of the AEC / MEA it is time for local products to go global, where with strong differentiation local products will not be considered marginal products but instead are classy and certainly able to compete with products that have worldwide first.

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