Zombie: working dead is the new walking dead

The zombie is a corpse character that comes back to life, after his death. In living their lives, zombies have no other desires than eating fresh meat and blood, and zombies live their lives monotonously. If in the movies zombies are often badly shot, burned and hit by a car to the body destroyed by the hero, that's the life of a zombie: dead, alive, eaten, destroyed and can not live anymore and forgotten.

    In the world of work sometimes we meet employees who have been motivated because of improper work placement, bad reward and recognition systems and many more that ultimately make employees become discouraged and passionate and passionate at work, at the head of the employee doing the job well without anyone a sense of ownership of the work, if the work is done wrong again and continues to be repeated, apathy on the condition of the company, the important thing is that payday is still sufficient, their intelligence and passion are channeled outside of work, and the tendency to be done in between jobs.

     Zombies zombies in the world of work are never bothering colleagues or creating riots in the workplace, they are just ignorant and apathetic, the important thing is still payday and can make a business or side job and if the provision is enough then resign, never think about the condition of the company being bloody facing competition or increasingly tight financial conditions ... zombies just need to eat it, why don't they need fancy positions or kumplit facilities.

     Zombies are old or senior, but some are young, they only work to eat and provide for their next life, the zombies are well aware that at any time they can be fired or moved to an unpleasant work location such as being placed in remote areas, work units that are about to disperse or are given work out of bounds like saturday work week or are told to work even with family, every day go home late at night ... etc

      Companies must start to be vigilant with this zombie phenomenon because zombies can transmit the zombie virus indirectly to other colleagues and when companies need mobilization and militancy to defend the company, it is impossible to get from zombies. As a result the company is becoming increasingly lethargic.

    The solution is that companies actually apply human capital, not management of personnel or human resources, or human resources are considered to be the amount or raw materials that must be used optimally, if the economic value is depleted

     Characteristics of human capital are from the time of recruitment which starts from the analysis of employee needs not only in number and education but also psychological profiling, attitude knowledge and specific skills for each field of work, not using the principle of one fit all and recruitment with general concepts alias the same main requirements course for a variety of work field needs.

    Followed by placement which is adjusted to the profile of psychology, attitude knowledge and skills between employees and job profiles. Followed by an individual employee development program according to the profile of psychology, attitude knowledge and skills of employees. Guaranteed, if the line managers to the president director except the human capital director and staff, will not understand this, because they are immersed in the daily work and operational targets that accumulate, operational leaders only understand about managing resources, but how to understand individuals it's impossible for them to do.

     The role of courtier human capital is vital, they must dare to appear to defend the interests of employees so as not to be a slave to fulfill operational leaders' resouces without being given room to develop.

     Becoming a zombie is not a choice of life for the employees but a condition that forces them to become zombies ... so zombies are still being paid anyway zombies are also working well only zombies don't have a sense of belonging to the company and its work


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