Digital Marketing Trends 2021 That Will Boom in 2021

Digital Marketing Trends 2021That Will Boom in 2021
Digital Marketing Trends 2021

With the development of the times, one day, the latest digital marketing trends arrived in 2021.

Even though the opening of the decade was marked by a seemingly endless pandemic, the world of marketing is still feeling progress.

What kind of digital marketing trend did we see in 2021? Come on, see everything that Glints has summarized in the following article!

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7 Digital Marketing Trends 2021 That Will Boom 

1. E-commerce

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Online shopping is nothing new, however, an important lesson to be learned from this pandemic is that e-commerce is a necessity.

Businesses now need to create an online platform so that products can be enjoyed by customers. In essence, if you want to survive, a business must have an online store.

Because of this idea, according to Nasdaq, by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made via e-commerce.

Many businesses that were unable to fully transition to e-commerce have gone out of business. That's what highlights the importance of enabling online stores for customers.

Not only to face a crisis such as a pandemic, customers are more interested in e-commerce because of the convenience and easier access to products.

2. Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Artificial Intelligence Marketing
The next digital marketing trend in 2021 is artificial intelligence marketing.

AI or artificial intelligence emerges in various ways throughout business and marketing processes.

Companies can use it to improve communication flows, analyze data, track sales, and project customer behavior patterns.

Indirectly, AI will simplify the process of designing a marketing strategy that will be carried out by the marketing team.

Therefore, companies will start to consider AI as an investment asset in all fields by 2021.

3. Voice search trends

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Voice search trends
Voice search has become an option nowadays. However, this feature is considered still in need of some improvement because sometimes the keywords entered are not accurate.

Well, launching The Digital, voice search will be fully utilized and become a digital marketing trend in 2021.

Why is that? The reason is, now, more and more users are browsing the internet in this way.

This is evident after the buying trend in 2020 shows that smart home and hands-free oriented devices are more attractive to customers.

4. Video marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Video marketing

According to The Tech Learn, 60% of customers say that watching a video before buying a product can make them more confident about buying the product.

Descriptive and interesting videos can give customers a clearer picture of the advantages and qualities of the product.

Therefore, brands should start promoting DIY videos, narrative stories from company founders, or even partnering with a reliable videographer.

This is important so that the video made can leave a good impression on the minds of customers.

5. Social network trends

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Social network trends
The next digital marketing trend in 2021 is the use of social networks as a marketing tool.

According to Smart Insights, the use of social networks has increased drastically.

This makes it necessary for companies to change the relative importance of social networks as a method of generating awareness.

TikTok is well known as a social media platform that continues to grow in popularity globally.

In response, Facebook has released Instagram Reels. So, it will be interesting how brands will use this short video platform for marketing purposes.

6. Interactive content

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Interactive content
When it comes to digital marketing trends for the next year, content is the area that is getting the spotlight.

AR / VR, 360-degree video, purchasable posts, polls, and quizzes are some examples of interactive content.

The content itself is the biggest reason for users to stay longer on company websites.

Therefore, content can automatically increase brand awareness as well as brand engagement.

7. Viral marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 202
Viral marketing
The last strategy that became a digital marketing trend in 2021 is viral marketing.

Launching The Tech Learn, even though the audience is mostly Gen-Z, that doesn't mean the company can't convey its message effectively.

Optimizing TikTok videos with hashtags and descriptions is not enough.

Companies must have unique and original content in order to filter great engagement.

Viral marketing doesn't only apply to TikTok, you know. Companies can also take advantage of the thread on Twitter and the IG story and Reels features on Instagram.

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Interesting right? Those are the seven digital marketing trends predicted to boom in 2021.

In essence, the company and its marketing team must always be prepared to welcome the development of trends in the marketing world.

The reason is, this trend is indirectly formed due to user preferences, and the best way to make products sell well is to always pay attention to customer needs and interests.

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  6. The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and the trends that gained momentum in 2021 are likely to have continued shaping the strategies of businesses in 2023. The emphasis on AI and automation remains crucial for optimizing processes and enhancing user experiences. The power of video marketing, particularly through platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, can't be underestimated as visual content resonates strongly with modern audiences.

    E-commerce and social commerce have likely grown even more, given the convenience they offer to consumers and the increasing integration of shopping features within social media platforms. The era of one-size-fits-all marketing has faded as content personalization continues to be a driving force, allowing brands to connect with individuals on a more personal level.

    Voice search and smart assistants have likely evolved as well, reshaping SEO strategies to cater to voice-activated queries. Privacy concerns and data regulations remain important considerations, with businesses adapting to the shifting landscape of data privacy laws and user expectations.

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