Marketing World 2021: What Is the Importance of Visual Search for the Marketing World?


Marketing World 2021: What Is the Importance of Visual Search for the Marketing World?
Marketing World 2021
Marketing World 2021. The technology for searching the internet is growing. One of the most sophisticated new breakthroughs is visual search, which is increasingly being used in the marketing world in 2021

Google, Pinterest, Amazon, and Bing are some of the big companies that have developed this visual search technology.

The reason is, according to Clark Boyd, 62% of millennials want visual search to be a technology that continues to be developed compared to other technologies.

Therefore, 35% of marketers are trying to optimize visual search for marketing from 2020 onwards. Because of its increasingly important role, let's find out more about what visual search is and how it impacts marketing.

What is Visual Search in the Marketing World in 2021?

What is Visual Search in the Marketing World in 2021?
Marketing World 2021
According to HubSpot, visual search is a technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. With this technology, you can search the internet with pictures or photos, you know.

So, even if you don't know what keywords to enter, you can still search for information only through images. The process is a little different from Google Image Search which is often used today.

For Image Search, first we enter keywords in text form and click on the search image from the photo search results that appear. Meanwhile, for visual search, you can immediately start by entering a photo.

Search engines will use the deep neural network to find out what photos are. Visual search can identify the shape, color, size, and other information associated with an image.

Examples of applications that take advantage of this technology are Google Lens and Pinterest.

Now, the advanced visual search technology has a big impact, especially in the world of marketing. Therefore, now visual search marketing is a term that is starting to be heard quite often.

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Benefits of Visual Search for Marketing 2021

Benefits of Visual Search for Marketing 2021
Marketing World 2021
1. Improve user experience

The company's marketing team must be ready to adopt visual search technology as quickly as possible. Because, more and more customers expect to enjoy the photo search facility on your site.

Currently, the presence or absence of visual search has become a benchmark that users consider when choosing a platform. The reason is, this technology can increase user comfort and make their experience more enjoyable when using your product.

In fact, statistically, it has been proven that 69% of potential buyers prefer to search based on visuals rather than text. Because, searching in this way can save significant time.

2. Make it easy for shoppable content

When you see a photo of a model with a cool bag, it will be very practical if you can just click on the photo and get information about what the bag is, how much it costs, and where to buy it online, right?

Now, that is a description of shoppable content that uses visual search technology for marketing. Not only makes the shopping process more practical, marketers can also collect user data easier.

That way, marketing decisions and even sales can be improved at the next opportunity for more effective sales.

3. Increase influencer marketing

Since visual search relies heavily on content marketing, one of the most effective ways is to use influencers.

Even luxury brands are now collaborating with influencers. When an influencer posts a photo of an item, users can choose to search for similar items through the photo.

Usually, people will tend to look for a cheaper price or a similar alternative.

This could be an opportunity for certain brands, and should be taken advantage of by smart marketers.

4. Make SEO more optimal

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing strategies for so many businesses in this digital age.

Well, visual search can be very useful to maximize profits through digital marketing.

With visual search, search engines can interpret tags and optimize search results with images.Therefore, tagging becomes mandatory in SEO practice.

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It is certain that this technology will continue to be refined in the following years. So, prepare yourself for the changes that come with its development, huh!

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