The 5 Top-Rated Hotels in West Palm Beach

Description: There are many kinds of hotels in West Palm Beach that can accommodate your trip. You can pick a top-ranked hotel which you can find in this area.



There are many types of hotels in West Palm Beach that you can choose based on your liking and preferences. The prices vary according to their facilities and amenities. Since the hotels are very close to the beachfront, most of them have breathtaking waterfront views.

This article makes a list of 5 top-ranked hotels in West Palm Beach. This list can be used as a recommendation or guidance for those of you who don't know where to stay. Here are the details:

1. The Chesterfield Palm Beach Hotel

This is one of the West Palm Beach hotels which has the most unique design in each room. The guest rooms are designed with color schemes in brocade, floral patterns, and stripes.  Meanwhile, the building architecture is influenced by classical European styles.

The location of this hotel is good with walking distance to the beach and easy drive to the main tourist attractions in the bounty. Price per night starts from US$ 185 plus tax.

2. Hilton West Palm Beach

This hotel is one of the best hotels in West Palm Beach which is well suited for couples or families. The location of this hotel is great where you can walk to many top tourist attractions in this area and a short drive to the beaches. Nevertheless, many people enjoy staying inside the hotel because it offers many things to do.

This hotel has top facilities and amenities featured with two swimming pools for kids and adults. The swimming areas are huge with so many cabanas and sun lounges. Price per night starts from US$ 144 plus tax.

3. The Breakers

This hotel is the best oceanfront hotel in West Palm Beach that captivates your eyes and heart once you are in it. The breakers are well-known as one of the most elegant hotels in Florida and the oldest in West Palm Beach built-in 1896. Its beachfront properties have direct access to the beach and the ocean.

There's no doubt about what kind of facilities and amenities provided by this hotel.  The highlights are not only large rooms with big closets but also fitness centers, hot tubs, heated swimming pools, and complete spa service. Price per night starts from US$ 365 plus tax.

4. Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach

This beach resort and spa are relatively new but worthy to be considered. Since it is located next to the beach, it offers you direct access to it and enjoys the cool seawater by snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, or just dipping your feet.  The access to the city and top tourist attractions is also easy with a short driving distance. 

The facilities and amenities are great with a spa and fitness center, two outdoor swimming pools, and breathtaking ocean views dining and bar. Price per night starts from US$ 233 plus tax.

5. Four Seasons Palm Beach

This resort and spa are super famous among travelers and available all around the world. No wonder their 5-star facilities and amenities have made them one of the best accommodations in West Palm Beach. This popular place is located in the beachfront area with splendid waterfront views and direct access to the ocean.

When it comes to facilities, amenities, and services, there are no other words than excellent and luxury for this accommodation. You and your family will be so much pampered by free services such as snacks, drinks, and an on-site restaurant. Price per night starts from US$ 527 plus tax.

If the prices of these accommodations are too expensive for you, there are still many more affordable hotels in West Palm Beach. Make sure your hotel can help you make the best of your stay.


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