Brand Strategist jobs: from idea to success strategy

Brand Strategist jobs: from idea to success strategy
Brand Strategist

Brand strategist is a profession whose role is very important in the field of marketing? Brand strategists are those who are responsible for determining the branding strategy of their company's product or service brand.

In general, they define the goals, values ​​and audience of the company. Use this information to create a brand that sticks to the hearts of the public through visuals and language.

Become a brand strategis Jobs

A good brand strategist can influence the market by compiling and describing the company's vision. Leaving a good impression in the eyes of the public and still selling branded services or products is uneasy.

What else now. The profession of the brand strategist is on the rise due to the effects of the pandemic.

 In a situation where the economy is deteriorating, companies need a reliable brand strategist so that sales of services and products do not stop.

Structurally, the brand strategist will work under the brand manager on the marketing team. They will collaborate to form the best message so that the brand image built is consistent and effective.

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Responsibilities and Duties of a Brand Strategist

Brand Strategist jobs: from idea to success strategy

Branding strategy is a job that you can find in digital advertising agencies as well as in print. However, now companies with different backgrounds already have brand strategists in their respective marketing teams.

Although there are different workplaces, in general the responsibilities and duties of a brand strategist are the same.

The following is their job description according to Jobhero:

1. Develop an image and branding strategy

The main job of a brand strategist is to help companies develop their brand image. Develop short and long term strategies to sell the brand image and increase the company's market share.

Combining elements of analysis and creativity, brand strategists are tasked with conveying ideas and concepts that can differentiate their company or client from its competitors. 

Position the brand in a strong position on the market growth ladder to gain recognition from multiple media channels and the public.

This term is also known as brand positioning.

2. Doing research

A brand strategist will spend many time doing research on the company's or client's marketing strategy, customer profile, and market share. Well, this research is also called a brand audit.

Launching Score, a brand audit is a study that aims to evaluate the position of a brand in the market. It is intended that the brand strategist can find out the strengths and weaknesses of each research object.

3. Copywriting and branding strategies

Preparing strategy documents and copywriting for marketing materials is the job of a brand strategist.

They have to structure the story into copywriting to shape the company's image, and shape the brand strategy document every day to make the company look consistent in the eyes of the market.

4. Present the strategy to the client

After completing the strategy and auditing the brand, the brand strategist is obliged to present his work to the company's board of directors or clients. Provides material on the best steps to improve a brand's position on the market ladder.

5. Data analysis

To develop a successful and impactful brand strategy in the market, strategists collect and analyze a wide variety of data. From customer feedback to surveys measuring brand engagement numbers.

They use this data to discover trends and knowledge which can then be used to develop appropriate strategies.

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Brand strategy is a tough job, but on the other hand, it's also very challenging. That's what you need to know about this one profession.

So, are you interested in becoming a brand strategist?

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