Solo Traveling: List of Best Countries For solo Traveling

Solo Traveling: List of Best Countries For solo Traveling

Talking about the best country for a solo traveling, you must also look at various factors in the country like security, access, and living costs. 

Vacation by means of a solo traveling is indeed increasingly popular with the community because it offers a freer way to enjoy it.

The increasing trend of a solo traveling indirectly brings big changes because many countries have increased the safety factor for a solo traveling. 

This has a very strong influence on tourists, both those who carry backpacker-style vacations or luxury vacations.

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The safest country for solo traveling

Solo Traveling: List of Best Countries For solo Traveling

So, if you also want to try a solo traveling, then try visiting the best countries for a solo traveling below.

List of Best Countries for Solo Traveling

1. Norway

Norway, whose safety level is 16th and its happiness level is 12th in the world. 

The beauty of Norway is undeniable with its midnight sun, comfortable air, and plenty of outdoor activities.

2. Switzerland

It has the security level at number 12 and the happiness level at number 24. 

There is no best way to enjoy the beauty of the cities in Switzerland other than by taking a train.

3. Denmark

Denmark is a country whose safety is 5th and its happiness level is 32nd. 

Start your adventure in Copenhagen, then to Nyhavn, then after that visit Tivoli Gardens.

4. Iceland

Regarding security, Iceland is the champion of all countries in the world and its level of happiness is at 39. 

The main reason why Iceland is so attractive to solo travelers is that this country is a paradise especially for lovers of outdoor activities.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. It's no wonder it is second in terms of security. 

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers, this country offers many very attractive options.

6. Costa Rica

Even though the country's security level is at number 40, in terms of happiness, 

Costa Rica is in number 1 in the world. Feel the excitement in each activity, meet the local people, and enjoy the food, and you will undoubtedly get a taste of why this country is the happiest country!

7. The Netherlands

For beginners, the Netherlands is the best place to start your solo traveling adventure. 

Entitled 23rd in terms of safety and 18th in terms of happiness, the Netherlands is an option that won't disappoint.

8. Spain

Spain has an exciting combination of adventures for every solo traveler: art museums, charming architecture, food, beautiful beaches, to nightlife. 

In Barcelona, for example, there are many places listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site with a variety of architecture, statues, and mosaics.

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9. Vietnam

As the country with the 5th best happiness rate in the world, Vietnam has so much to offer solo travelers. 

Take a boat from Ha Long City and sail to Bai Tu Long Bay or take a tour to explore the largest caves in the world!

10. Uruguay

The best country for a solo traveling in rank 10 is Uruguay which is in the South American region. 

If you travel a solo to Uruguay, then you can feel the odd but unique combination of this country.

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