Become Someone who has Innovative

Become Someone who has Innovative

Innovation is one of the characteristics we need to have as leaders. Innovative character helps leaders to carry out their leadership so that the company or organization leads that are relevant and increasing. 

Innovation will increase the ability to adapt organizations and businesses in the midst of globalization and technological advances. Innovation also helps organizations and businesses in dealing with existing challenges, the initial challenges of blocking can be resolved creatively.

Everyone can be an innovative person, not some creative and innovative people. To be an innovative person can be perfected by continuing to learn and think creatively. Similar to other conference capacities that can be felt and developed, innovative capacities too. "In fact, I already have an idea in mind, but where can I start?" This is how to start innovation and train to be innovative people.

Become Someone who has Innovative

What's innovative?

According to the innovative Indonesian dictionary introducing something new; Update (new build). In other innovative words, the nature of someone who innovates.

The impact of being an innovative person for organizations and businesses is that the consequences are both expected and unexpected. The expected consequence of being innovative is that data innovation has a positive impact and is in line with expectations and goals. 

Although the unintended consequence is that the desired impact is not achieved. The consequences can be direct and indirect or take a long time.

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How to be innovative

You can take several steps to become an innovative person:

1. Get together and learn with innovative people

Make friends with innovative people. Lighten up their exchanges and ideas. In discussing and listening, they can help you come up with new ideas and thoughts that help your innovation. Join innovation seminars and trainings, after the possibility of getting new perspectives and discussing with experienced ones.

2. Active eye and ear movements

Move on to find something new by opening your eyes and ears. Read news, articles, and magazines diligently and listen to the recommendations of those around you. This way, you will get something new and can be an innovative way of doing things. Do this as a habit to stimulate your reflection process further.

3. List all the ideas you have

Try to keep everything in your mind, including random words and sentences that cross your mind. List these ideas, even if it's just graffiti. Your recording of ideas can stimulate your reflection process.

4. Find new experiences

By looking for new experiences, you will begin to see things that you have never seen before. Looking for a bar experience in traveling in the city, climbing mountains, after training and trying new hobbies can change your self-perception and meet new people.

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5. Trust me to start

Believe in the results of your thoughts. Innovative people tend to have confident personalities. Because trust is the best way to build all innovative ideas. Don't be afraid to communicate the results of your thoughts and ideas. If everything is ready, get started immediately. If you want all your ideas in reality, feel free to start all of these things, not just thoughts in your head.

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